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Total Wellness Cleanse
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Product Name:Total Wellness Cleanse
Price:$77.00 to $247.00
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
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With the increased consumption of processed and chemical based foods in the world, more and more people are poisoning their bodies with new toxins every day. These toxins are the main reasons why we now wake up to the news that the number of people suffering from lifestyle diseases is forever on the rise.
Scientists and other experts are trying to come up with new ways of how we can detoxify our bodies but unfortunately, even these new methods are still made using other forms of chemicals that may prove harmful.
Detoxifying the body comes with a lot of benefits such as having a fitter body and leading a healthier life. Those who know the importance of doing this and are looking for the best way to detoxify their bodies, I recommend that they try doing it using natural methods.
In this review, we will be looking at one amazing product that offers holistic methods of detoxifying your body. This product is the Total Wellness Cleanse a guide designed by Yuri Elkaim.
I am going to tell you everything there is to know about the Total Wellness Cleanse and by the end of the review, you will decide if you think buying it is worth it for you.
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What Is Total Wellness Cleanse All About?

This is a 30-day program that helps one cleanse their body using holistic methods. The natural methods will involve special kinds of foods and diets that you will be eating until you become totally cleansed.
One of the main things that set this program apart from others out there is that there are no supplements or any form of drugs or pills involved.
The whole experience will therefore be purely natural and safe. The program also seeks to help you achieve long term results unlike other whose benefits may be short lived. It is therefore a one of a kind program to try out.

About the Author of the Program

Yuri was once a professional footballer from Canada but he has become known more for his amazing work in the field of fitness and holistic health.
He is an expert in several field and a graduate hosting a degree in in Physical Education and Health. He is an expert as:
  • A Holistic Nutritionist.
  • A Fitness professional.
  • A Certified Kinesiologist.
Total Wellness Cleanse is one of Yuri most renowned works. Being a football fanatic since a young age, Yuri began engaging in fitness programs to ensure his body was always fit.
However, over time he realized that being fit is not just about bulking up.
He therefore decided to study more about fitness and holistic health through the courses he undertook. All the knowledge that he gained along the way is what he used to design the Total Wellness Cleanse together with the aid of his brother.

The Working of the Program

One thing that has been truly worked on in this program is details. It compiles a lot of information which is explained in a manner easy to understand.
It outlines all the types of foods and recipes that you will integrate into the program to achieve its intended results. Aside from detoxifying your body, you are also going to lose weight and those extra fats in your body.
Phase One
The Total Wellness Cleanse works on a two phases basis. The first involves the cleansing of the body while the second phase is more about maintaining it.
The cleansing involved in phase one will mainly be about restoring the balance between the acid and alkaline levels in your body. There will be also less intake of sugar here and its main aim will be to help you overcome the body’s desire for harmful foods.
A workout plan is also provided with which you will detoxify your body more and once this phase is done, you are going to be re-energized and have a body that will be inclined more too healthy foods.
Phase Two
Phase two takes between two weeks to four weeks. After detoxifying your body, you will need to learn how you can maintain it to avoid returning it to the stage it was once in before.
You will be taught on how to change your eating habits and on certain raw foods that you should eat to maintain your acid-alkaline balance. The type of foods involved here are more of vegetables and fruits.
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Exercising is one of the core parts of the Total Wellness Cleanse. Fortunately, there is a complete workout that has been provided for you.
This plan was designed by Yuri’s team of experts. These exercises are going to act as compliments for your diets. In addition to that you will also be guided on how to overcome emotional eating and focus more on achieving your health goals.

The Total Wellness Cleanse Package

When you buy this program, you are going to get 13 recordings which will be your guide. Each recording is one hour long. They recordings are listed below:
  • Getting Started on the Total Wellness Cleanse.
  • Understanding Food Labels.
  • The Truth about Fats and Oils.
  • Organs of Detoxification and the Physiology of Cleansing.
  • The Scary Truth about Sugar.
  • Preserving Healthy Bones and Preventing Osteoporosis.
  • Overcoming Emotional Eating.
  • Understanding the Thyroid-Adrenal Connection.
  • Weight Loss Explained.
  • Food and Environmental Allergies.
  • Success Psychology and the “Inner Game”.
  • Celebration and Final Thoughts.
Aside from the main guide there are also extra bonuses that make up a part of the program. These bonuses include the following:
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  • Success Journal.
  • Daily Food Journal.
  • Poop Tracker.
  • Daily Inspirational Journal.

Where you can buy Total Wellness Cleanse?

Total Wellness Cleanse is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

One thing I can assure you is that this product is not a scam. It contains working techniques that also bear scientific backing. However, be wary for there are other scamming programs on the internet that try to pretend they are related to this program. All in all, Total Wellness Cleanse is a product that has many positive reviews and works. It’s suitable for all.