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The Algorithm Diet
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Product Name:The Algorithm Diet
Author/Creator:Kevin McMillian
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:
Have you ever read a program that explains how one has lost weight but when you try what they did you don’t get any positive results? Have you been looking for the best article that will give clear and legit instruction on how to loose weigh?
You don’t have to worry anymore, this review got you fully handled. Unlike many reviews here you will get to learn about this product at hand that you may have been looking for quite some ages.
The Algorithm Diet seems like a different approach to weight loss, so just take a closer look and see if the book is worthwhile to read.  Get to learn among other things if The Algorithm Diet scam?  Or will it really work for you?
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What is The Algorithm Diet?

The Algorithm Diet is a simple dieting solution behind this man known as Kevin McMillian. It is basically a process for those who are looking forward to shed a substantial amount of body fat and weight.
This program mainly advocates for more than incorporating workout methods into one’s lifestyle. It is also about having the right mindset and approach to eating, exercise, and resting in a healthy manner.
Those who use this program and follow the methods as directed will be able to turn their efforts into second nature.
The Algorithm Diet makes it simple, by setting up a few simple rules about what you can eat and when you can eat it.   Kevin says you’re better off consuming more calories later in the day than earlier, and the diet is tailored to that.

About the Author, Kevin McMillian

Kevin McMillian is the man behind this amazing program. He is a fairly well-known fitness professional and one of the leaders in the fitness industry. Some of his work has been seen on Fox News, ABC News, and many other places.
Before Kevin came up with this program he had the urge to lose some weight so he had to make a choice to follow a very strict, low carbohydrate diet with an extreme exercise program. The best part of it all is he made it.
However, the problem was he lost his will to continue the diet, sure enough many of us have done this in the past. With each subsequent attempt to get back on the diet, he failed a little faster. That was when he realized that his brain was tired and he was lacking willpower.
Willpower is the key idea of his guide. Through the will he managed to pull through and now he is one person people can emulate.
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What Do You Get in This Program?

  • Transformation Tracking Log: One of the keys to motivation is the ability to track your progress. That is what this tracking log is designed to do. It helps you to improve your results by seeing your progress from week-to-week and month-to-month.
  • The Algorithm Diet Main Manual: The diet is simple and to the point, allowing you to reach your weight loss goals by removing much of the stress associated with dieting.
  • Fat Loss Troubleshooter: Everyone is going to run into problems at some point or another and they may have a difficulty figuring it out. The 7 help files that are included in this troubleshooter help you to get beyond the sticking point. Some of the help files included in the troubleshooter cover rest, workout routines, habits and more.
  • A 21 Day Kick Start Guide: the author offers this himself. The program to which he himself has used and prescribed for those who have a little more weight to lose and want to do it more quickly.
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How does The Algorithm Diet Work?

This is one program that is basically so easy to use. All of us need a weight that we can feel comfortable to carry. Let’s look it in this perspective… we have a limited amount of willpower and for each decision that we have to make through the day, we drain some of that willpower.
Eventually, we lose so much willpower that we are unable to stay on track with our weight loss efforts. This is not theory, it has been scientifically proven, over and over again for quite a long time.

Where you can buy The Algorithm Diet?

The Algorithm Diet is available on the official website,

Bottom line

This is one program that have been proven to work effectively. Putting in mind that the author of this program was also in this state and experienced the same problem as you and through following what he has for you in here he is now one person who is happy with his weight.
The basics of losing weight are pretty simple – eat less than you need.  But how much less?  For how long?  These are the questions that have most people struggling when they want to lose weight.
This product makes it simple by reducing all of that to a simple formula and showing you how to apply that formula on a daily basis so that you can go with it for years.
I therefore don’t see a reason why you should waist your money getting to find other reviews that will lead you to no help products. Just buy a copy of your own and see your life transform into a brighter feeling.