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The 4 Cycle Solution
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Product Name:The 4 Cycle Solution
Author/Creator:Shaun & Karen Hadsall
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:
Do you hate excessive mass on your body? Are you in search of a real weight loss product that gives guaranteed results? Do you want to enjoy a slim and fit life? If yes, then try the 4 Cycle Solution program.
Sometimes the diets that you are taking can be a severe concern when it comes to body weight. I have seen people searching on the internet and other offline platforms about the weight loss diet that might not contribute to losing weight. In fact, such a diet may cause an increase in body mass.
So you should not follow any such food that can take you away from your desired results. After seeing such a situation, I decided to help people who are struggling to lose weight.
The 4 Cycle Solution
I have done in-depth research on this topic, and I came across a fantastic product named 4 Cycle Solution. But why should someone try it when there is a lot of fraud going around in the name of weight loss.
What is the unique factor in this product which people are not going to get from any other programs? In this 4 Cycle Solution, I will tell you regarding all such unique things present in the product that will make you buy it.

What Is the 4 Cycle Solution Program?

It is an effective program that accelerates the metabolism rate increasing in the weight loss process. Such a change in metabolism is going to stop your body from adding any unwanted fat.
This program comprises four ebooks that you can download instantly once you purchase it. The program also includes a video format of all the ebooks.
You will learn certain food plans that will ignite your fat-burning process. The program teaches a way of eating carbs in such a way that it results in losing your body weight without making you hungry.
The 4 Cycle Solution
The program uses ancient Japanese techniques that burn fat without demanding you to follow a strict diet. Additionally, this Japanese secret does not request you to stop eating your favorite food, which is another excellent thing.
It will prevent your body from burning sugar as energy. The program aims towards the fat-burning hormones. It increases the number of such hormones which limit the body from storing carbs as fat.
However, you will also learn a few simple exercises in the program. These exercises are not intense and are not going to demand much time. You can comfortably perform those exercises while staying at your place.

About Shaun & Karen Hadsall – The Creators

Shaun and Karen Hadsall are the two masterminds behind this fat-burning product. Somehow they were also infected with excessive weight, which forces them to create such a fantastic product.
Shaun is a fitness expert who has already contributed a lot in the shape of different fitness-related products. He has produced many health and fitness programs, which has completely transformed many people’s lives.
Shaun has been working in the field for over 15 years. This vast experience has made him understand the pain of people who were going through weight problems.
Due to which he decided to launch 4 Cycle Solution products, which comes with a straightforward approach to lose fat.
You can also try the other products that are under Shaun & Karen Hadsall’s name, and you will surely get the outcome that you wish for.

How Does the 4 Cycle Solution Product Work?

The working of his program depends on four cycles. These cycles are going to be used for a specific period. It will reveal when and how to eat carbs correctly so that it results in losing weight.
Once you learn the right usage of carbs, you will notice a boost in your body energy level. The first cycle is a seven-day carb depletion in which you have to reset your metabolism in the first week.
This first cycle commands you not to eat any carbs during the first week. It might not be very easy for some people, but it will be worth it. The second cycle is Macro-patterning.
During this period, you will consume carbs but strategically. In such a way, you will be able to keep metabolism high, which will continue the fat-burning process. The third cycle is a faster fat loss in which you will get a further list of nutrients.
It will show you which food you can add to your diet and which food you should prevent, including. However, the four and last cycle is about a break in which you will boost your carb and calories.

What Comes with the 4 Cycle Solution Program?

Apart from the program features, you are also going to get a few free things with it that are listed below.
  • It includes a Start Burning More Stubborn Fat bonus that is worth $147, but you will be getting it for free.
  • This free item comprises video lessons, teaching people how to carb cycle fast. It ensures that you get a lightning-fast start via this bonus.
  • The program provides free access to the Fat Burning Shortcut guide, which boosts the pace of fat burning. It does not include any additional workout. You will only get a secret method of making your physique attractive.
  • You will come across a technique that fitness models and athletes use to stay fit and slim.
  • Apart from this, the third bonus carries a Carb-Cycling Nutrition Manual that will show tricks of achieving a flatter belly for a lifetime. It is a step-by-step procedure that you can follow easily.
  • The program holds such tactics using which you can start losing weight within the first week of product usage. This procedure does not demand you to sacrifice your favorite food.
  • In the program, you will be educated with a secret and rare Japanese weight loss strategy.
The above-explained are a few of the features that you will get.

Benefits of Using 4 Cycle Solution Program

Do you want to know further advantages of a 4 cycle solution? If so, then in this section, you will learn a few more features about the program.

Rapid Fat Burning

It increases the rate of the fat burning procedure. Even after losing fat from your body, you will still feel stronger.
The reason that you will feel strength is that the program has such a healthy diet that adds energy to your body. It aims to burn fat and keep you energetic at the same time.

Stabilize Blood Sugar

Apart from losing weight, you will get a stabilize blood sugar level through this program. The disturbance in the blood sugar level can cause diabetes disease.
Also, the increase in blood glucose boosts fat storage, which you will never want. The program controls the glucose and insulin level, which prevents the body from adding any additional fat to it.
You might think that you can achieve it by lowing carb foods, but that is not the case. You can eat any high carb food given in the program, which will still keep the insulin and blood sugar level in balance.

Support Muscle

The program carries such a diet that adds extra strength to your muscles. It makes your muscles so powerful that they provide additional resistance to injuries.
This diet will lose your weight as well as boost the protection level to your muscles. The extra muscles will make you seem younger and attractive. It will also result in a healthier metabolism rate.
The 4 Cycle Solution features

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the 4 Cycle Solution FAQ portion.

How Many Cycles Are There in This Program?

There are four cycles in this program, and you have to go through each cycle correctly. The first cycle is the Repair stage, while the second cycle is macro-patterning.
Moreover, the third and fourth cycle revolves around accelerated fat loss and the diet break. Each cycle has its own role in breaking down your body fat, so you should not miss any of it.

What Are the Cycle in This Program?

The program uses an exclusive strategy on which it works. It comes up with a few-cycles that you have to follow to get the outcome. Each cycle demands you to develop a different plan.
And the period of every cycle is different from one another. Once the period gets over, you can shift to the other cycle, as mentioned in the program. However, ensure that you are following all the cycle plans.

How Many Bonuses Will I Get with the Program?

There are three free items included. The first one is How to Carb Cycle Fast. The second one is Fat Burning Shortcut, while the third is Carb-Cycling Nutrition Manual. Each of these bonuses has different beneficial information for you.


The 4 Cycle Solution is a perfect enemy of excessive weight. It is a legal product that can transform your body.
You are going to get an attractive physique as well as a healthier life. It works on the bases of cycles, which helps the product in giving a rapid result.