Yoga Burn – Her Yoga Secrets Review – Should You Really Buy It?

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Product Name:Yoga Burn
Author/Creator:Zoe Bray Cotton
Money Back Guarantee:365 Days
Official Website:
Looking for alternative ways to lose weight?
Do you want to exercise but not in a gym or with a big class?
Well, if you’ve heard about Yoga, you’ll know that this ancient tradition has many benefits beyond our appearance. However, most of us are not looking to get enlightened; we just want to get fit and ready for summer. So, if that’s your case, let me tell you about this program…
My review for Yoga Burn – Her Yoga Secrets comes after years of exploring ways to lose weight.
In essence, I don’t mind exercising, but I hated going to the gym or being in crowds. Also, it was uncomfortable, and people always seemed to judge. So, after trying every possible class out there, I found this program.
Why did I like it?
  • I didn’t know, but this is exactly how I like to exercise.
  • It promotes wellness beyond looking well.
  • I’m on my own, and I know exactly what I’m doing.
  • Tons of motivation, zero pressure.
However, the program was difficult enough to keep me engaged, but not so hard I’d rage quit.
The Creator: Zoe Bray Cotton

a test that the world needs more yoga and a woman at the background
Zoey Bray Cotton, a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer, has different methods to help people lose weight.
Through her vast experience, she found that some people benefited a lot from Yoga. At first, she struggled to understand what was behind that improvement. However, as she kept working with them, she realized it and created this methodology.
Zoey, an incredibly smart woman, decided to experiment more with this method. In her mind, Yoga can do no harm. So, even if the experiment failed, the people involved would reap benefits.
Anyway, after a while of experimenting and observation, she realized how Yoga, together with certain food control, promoted weight loss. This was more evident with people whose weight-gain was related to their emotions.
In the end, Zoey did something that I hadn’t seen in many other programs:
  • Put her system together.
  • Give your thoroughly explained routines and videos.
  • Teach you the technical aspects of what you’re doing.
  • Setting you up for independence.
Personally, that last point made me stay. A trainer who is helping you not to need her anymore. How cool is that?

The Program Details: Yoga Burn-Her Yoga Secrets

in a nutshell, the program aims to promote strength and flexibility in people who don’t exercise often.
Now, in doing so, it promotes a “reactivation” of your metabolism, especially in a hormonal sense. Why is this important? When hormones are balanced, the body utilizes fat as a source of energy. That’s the real secret behind this program.
  • Get access to incredibly instructional videos.
  • Great for beginners and intermediate yoga practitioners.
  • It focuses on your body, not on spiritual things.
  • Reestablish your metabolism and burn fat naturally.
Also, the progression of the program is incredibly smart. So, you’ll learn everything you need to know before moving on to the next stage. You’ll always be ready to face new challenges, but they won’t be so easy that you’ll lose interest.
The program is divided into three major phases. Each phase incorporates exercises from the previous one. So, you need to study everything before moving on. Also, it comes with bonuses.
  • Tranquility Flow.
    • A program specifically made to help you reduce stress.
  • Beginner Flow.
    • This video is a must for people who are recovering from injuries.

How the Program Works

three women on the floor exercising
Learning something on your own isn’t easy. However, this isn’t something new, and programs are made to make you succeed. With that in mind, this system is meant to help you learn ASAP, and get you to practice from day one.
To do that, the system is divided into different phases. Here, the progression is solid, so you’ll always know what to do.
  • Phase One: Foundational Flow
    • A great introduction to Yoga.
    • Learn the “main” poses you’ll be working with.
  • Phase Two: Transitional Flow
    • Follow the routines to get your body started.
    • Practice this phase a lot before moving to the next one.
  • Phase Three: Mastery Flow
    • Increase the level of difficulty.
    • Combine your previous knowledge to transform your body.
For me, it took a little bit longer to jump from phase two to three. However, once I was certain about my poses, I moved on and had no issues. Some people like to try things once and then continue. Since this program is safe, I think you can do that.
My recommendation is that you go slow.
Regardless, you’ll never get lost as to what to do next. In this program, you’ll always know what you’re doing and why.

Here Is a Sneak Peek of the Poses

a woman pulling her leg backwards
In essence, the poses you’ll have to practice are essential for the system. Remember, you have to keep a good posture and follow directions every time:
  • The Plank Pose

    • Here, your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles like a plank.
    • Make sure that your hips do not get close to the ground.
  • The Lunge Pose

    • Your toes should be visible as you do this pose.
    • Remember, keep your knees parallel to each other.
  • The Cobra Pose

    • Don’t cross your feet.
    • Keep some distance between them, to protect your lower back.
  • The Chaturanga Pose.

    • As you do this pose, make sure that your elbow is “stuck” to your chest.
    • A little harder than your regular plank.
As you can see, it can come across as easy. However, the system helps by building up momentum. So, if you skip a step, most likely, you’ll miss that momentum.
How would you know you are there?
Well, in some cases, you’ll be able to stretch enough to get a better posture without feeling uncomfortable. In my case, I just had a lot of energy every time I exercised. It felt right.
How to Get the Best Results
human feet on a weigh balance
  • Avoid using your smartphone.
    • Distractions can result in pulling a muscle or other injuries.
  • Proper breathing.
    • In Yoga, you should keep your breathing slow and deep.
  • Do not drink anything during a yoga session.
    • If you are thirsty, you should only take a small sip of water.
  • Everything is progressive: take your time!
    • It is okay if you are unable to do some of the poses.
  • Do Yoga constantly.
    • Consistency will maximize results.
  • Do not push your body too hard.
    • Pushing your body to extreme limits might cause you to injure yourself.
  • Give yourself the physical and mental time.
    • The best time to practice Yoga is in the morning.
woman meditating

Where you can buy Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Zoe’s Yoga Burn- Her Yoga Secrets is an amazing program that uses Yoga as the basis for weight loss. Traditionally, Yoga focuses on your spiritual development, and, as a byproduct, you start getting fit.
Well, this program changes the game and focuses on the fitness part. Then, as a byproduct, you get the wellness.
Start today!