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Product Name:VFX Body
Author/Creator:John Barban
Money Back Guarantee:2 Days
Official Website:https://vfextreme.com

Women are always constantly checking their weight.
They hate it when they add weight and will almost always try anything just to see that extra weight fall off. Most of them don’t even like any jokes made about them adding weight. Such remarks could earn you a kick, isn’t that right men? Ha-ha.
However, I must say that it is very important to your health and your general being in making sure that you keep your weight in check. And for this I must salute some women out there who have managed to achieve this feat.
Unfortunately, not all women have been lucky enough to be in control of their weight. There are so many ladies out there in the world who are giving their all, in fighting weight gain but no matter what they try nothing seems to work at all.
Are you one of the affected victims?
Are you a mom, a sister, a wife or a girlfriend who has been trying everything to shed extra pounds but no matter what you do the only result you keep getting is an extra pound?
You don’t have to cry any more.
I bring you the ultimate answer in this review that will blast away all those calories and make you attain your desired weight. And by answer, I mean none other than the VFX Body.
Unlike other reviews, here I am going to give you with in-depth details that will help you make an informed decision in the end about the product.
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What is the VFX Body?

I hope now I have your full attention ladies. This is a program that was designed specifically and only for women to help them in losing weight.
And guess what, that’s not the only benefit that comes with this program. The VFX Body has also been created to help women in reshaping their bodies into the sexy feminine physique they have always coveted.
Are you read to begin your path to having a fit and hot body? Then the VFX Body is the exact guide that you need to help you get there.
I am going to delve into more details later about this life-changing product and show you why it is the key that you need to unlock your body’s potential. Stick with me in this review to find out more.

John Barban, The Mighty Author

This man, John Barban is the amazing brain that gave this unique program existence. He is the genius who truly felt the needs of all women out there and sought to help them.
Ladies you must agree with me that this dude is truly a blessing in this world. And why exactly is he the man?
First, John Barban is a graduate of the University of Guelph. He graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Human Biology.
This tells you that he is a well-informed and educated man who completely understands the working of the female body and it is with this knowledge that he crafted the VFX Body to become the unparalleled weight loss program for women. And that’s not all.
John also taught Health and Human Performance in the University of Florida and worked in the supplement industry until he felt that there was a higher calling for him. He then left all that to become a researcher who developed workout and diet programs.
And in this field, he specialized in women. With all this knowledge and experience, he then created the VFX Body; a magnificent product.
a man and vfx products

An Insight into John Barban’s VFX Body

The main core of this program involves dieting and nutrition that sees to it the users get the most out of their metabolism which plays a leading role in breakdown of the extra fat. However, there is also a section that consists of exercises and workouts that are highly recommended.
Although not mandatory, these exercises play a vital role in not only increasing the rate of weight loss, but also in designing your body into becoming fit and developing an eye-gorging attractive feminine physique. And the best thing about these exercises is that you will not have to go to the gym as they can easily be performed at home.
And there are a lot more surprises that come with the purchase of this product. You will get tutorial videos that will demonstrate to you on how these exercises can be performed and how to plan your meals.

The VFX Virtual Nutritionist

This is a software that calculates your progress and is also key to help you track and plan on how best to move forward with the weight loss plan.
This means that the program is fully flexible and will always adjust itself to make sure that it is optimal for you to achieve maximum benefits.
woman smiling
The software works on the basis that women are different and therefore the means that will be used by one woman may not be efficient for another. Therefore, the software becomes the balancing feature that ensures each person receives a customized attention that is the most fit for optimum results.
As you keep using the program, the software will calculate your daily requirements at the start of each week. And the best part about all these is that you can customize everything according to your preferences.
For the software to calculate your requirements, you will feed in the following data:
  • Your age.
  • Your height.
  • Your every-day exercise duration.
  • The size of your waist.
  • Your weight.
  • The circumference of your shoulder.
The software also comes with a PDF manual that will help you learn to navigate it.

What Are You Going to Learn from the VFX Body?

  1. This program is going to show you how your basic metabolic rate plays a key role in determining the calories in your body and how you can use it to you advantage.
  2. It is also going to explain to you on how you can lose fat but still retain muscle in the right places to help you shape your body into an amazing shape.
  • Find out more on the dangerous foods that add pounds and layers of fat to your body so that you can avoid them.
This program works on a 12-week cycle which is broken down into 6 mini-cycles that last for two weeks each.
The mini-cycles are designed to help in reducing your calories while at the same time maintaining them on a certain level to avoid stressing your body.
All this is achieved through meal plans that are highly detailed and well planned for a smooth outcome. These meal plans are usually split into 3 or 2 based on which phase of the program you are in.

How Can You Acquire the VFX Body?

If you are intrigued by this program and wish to buy it, then it’s as easy as blinking. The author, John Barban, provides both softcopy and hardcopy versions of this program.
If you decide to go with the softcopy version, you will only pay $37 and once it’s done you will get access to all the materials available.
For those who may wish for a hardcopy, the product is sold at the same price but you are also going to have to part away with the shipping costs too. The digital products will still be available to you as you wait for the delivery of your hard copy.
Below is a list of the components of the program:
  • The VFX Video Library.
  • The VFX Virtual Nutritionist software.
  • Diet plans.
  • Workout programs and routines.
  • You get to join a community known as Immersion.

More About Immersion

This community, Immersion, consists of other people who are also undertaking the program. Here you will receive support and get to interact with other people who are in similar predicaments. As a member of Immersion, you will get offers such as:
  • Personalized workouts.
  • Extra coaching.
  • Mobile applications that are in line with these interests.
  • Uncensored Podcasts and so much more.
Within this community you will get a sense of belonging which will also help in pushing you achieve your targets.

Where you can buy VFX Body?

VFX Body is available on the official website, https://vfextreme.com.


Based on all the details that I have provided in my review of the VFX Body, I do not think there is any reason to doubt this program or think of it as a scam. The reviews written about it nothing short of glorifying. All I can do is simply leave you to be the judge and decide if you want it or not.