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The Jump Manual
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Product Name:The Jump Manual
Author/Creator:Jacob Hiller
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If you’re looking to improve your vertical jump, keep reading this review of The Jump Manual Review by Jacob Hiller.
I’m a certified basketball coach with just five years of experience. In a stuck of luck, I was hired by a local high-school to coach their team. In the beginning, things went well. However, during my second year as a coach, I had a student with big potential but some problems.
In essence, he struggled with his jumps. He wasn’t bad, but he struggled with landing and moving on the air.
First, I tried what I already knew with him, but it didn’t work. It was frustrating and disappointing.
As a coach, you’d like to think you’re ready to help the kids in your team. Well, that wasn’t the case this time. Instead, it seemed as if my techniques and approach were actually bad for him.
In an act of desperation, I looked online for different methodologies to help the kid. Of course, I went to advanced technical approaches.
I found great stuff, but they came with a price. On the one hand, if the techniques came with a methodology, the guide cost hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, I found great theoretical stuff, but I had to develop my own techniques, and I didn’t have time.
So, one day, I came across different manuals to improve jumps. There were many, and, to be honest; I randomly chose this one.
Well, I had hit the jackpot, and I didn’t know it.

The Best Features of This Book

Personally, this book was a game-changer. First, the techniques come with a clear methodology and progression. Every step along the way is meant to help you improve your jumps as much as you can.
Second, it’s not elaborate, yet it’s highly effective. Remember, I mentioned advanced techniques? Well, they are amazing, but whatever is new takes time to test and tweak. My players didn’t have the time, so I had to act fast.
The Jump Manual gave me the opportunity to deliver a great training experience. In the end, I helped all the players, not just the ones who seemed to struggle the most.
Here’s more on why this book is so great.

The Book is Written By an Expert

The author,  Jacob Hiller, has deep knowledge, not only of the game but also the body in basketball. Other methods assume that the body is the same under other circumstances. However, Jacobs makes a clear effort to identify how the body works on basketball. Then, he breaks down ways to improve performance.
His approach is quite methodical. At first, it seemed like too much for me. However, as I tried it, it actually generated a faster response, and the kids liked it.

The Methodology Keeps Improving

This program has been around since 2008. However, it has constantly been improved and updated. From easier explanations to increased effectiveness on exercises, this program only gets better and better.
Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, have improved their vertical jumps because of this program. Mainly because it focuses on control and strength. The increased height in your jumps is just a byproduct. The main goal is that you improve your overall technique.

The Book is Available in the PDF eBook Format.

This makes it very convenient, and the whole thing is just so easy. All you have to do is pay up, and then you will get the access that you need to have to read the book and or download it to your computer for easier access. That is very good considering that the ordering of the books in hard copy format will take a lot of time to be delivered to you. There are no hard copies with this one.

The Workouts That You Will Do

These are the workouts that you will need to do to make sure that you are getting the best results with this program. They include four phases that will ensure you get the jump and also some muscle on the side that is designed to make you a hardy player and a better one at that.
  • Phase 1
    • You’ll develop explosive power that will propel you from the ground up into the air. This one focuses on plyometric and jumping in general.
    • Gain the reasoning behind the science that will be used in making you a better jumper.
  • Phase 2
    • Focus on the core exercise that will give you the maximized jump height by improving your strength, flexibility, and control.
  • Phase 3
    • Gain the proper techniques to stay in control during an actual game. Dominate the court.
  • Phase 4
    • You’ll turn everything into second nature, and you’ll be able to jump high without even thinking about it.

Where you can buy The Jump Manual?

The Jump Manual is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Increasing your jump height is the way to go when you want to stand out from the rest of the team. Also, as a coach, we expect you to know how to play, that’s a given for us. However, when we see someone with good strategy, timing, or jump, we know we have to have you in our team.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. You can start today, improving your jumps and becoming the best player you can. It starts with this amazing guide.