The CORE Kettlebell Challenge Review

The CORE Kettlebell Challenge
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Do you want to slash body fat? Are you dreaming of gaining a lean and athletic body? Do you want to build inner strength? If yes, then the CORE Kettlebell Challenge is for you.
Most people want to cut down their body fat in a quick time. They want more results in a short time, and for that, they start trying various fraud products. Such products usually harm health and decrease body strength.
On the other hand, some people start lifting more weight in the hope that it will burn their body fat quickly. If you are among those people, then stop doing it because lifting heavyweight is not a solution.
The CORE Kettlebell Challenge
So what should you do to take down additional fat from your body? Well, don’t worry, I have a solution for fat people, which is the CORE Kettlebell Challenge.
But what is it, and is it a healthy way to lose weight? In this CORE Kettlebell Challenge review, you will get to know everything.

What is the CORE Kettlebell Challenge?

It is an ebook for people who want to cut body fat easily and rapidly. This product tightened up the body so that you can get an attractive body. It is going to helps you in lifting more weight quite easily.
You will find out a quick workout method through it that you need to implement for a better outcome. It will help you to attain a well-shaped body.
The product carries some pull-ups techniques that only need three seconds of your day. It gives access to the hollow hold progression technique that will make you achieve strength.
The CORE Kettlebell Challenge
The product has advanced pull up tips that only a few experts know. It reveals the method of using Kettlebell correctly.
Using Kettlebell for only twenty minutes per day, you can get rapid weight loss results. It will make you familiar with the squat technique that will further play an essential role in your body shape improvement.

About Forest Vance – The Creator

Forest Vance is the creator of this product. He was a pro football player who want to achieve a strongest version of himself.
Forest Vance has been working as a health and fitness coach for the last fourteen years. You will get a whole lot of experience and rare tips in this Kettlebell system created by Forest.
Forest was a fat person who lost 64 Pounds in 7 Months. In this product, you will identify how Forest Vance achieve such incredible results.

How Does the CORE Kettlebell Challenge Works?

The Kettlebell mainly takes support from various exercises for it working. It will provide you will a few easy but rare drills that are going work for you.
You will have to perform the drills given in the product correctly if you want to fulfill your fitness goals.

Essential Components in the CORE Kettlebell Challenge

First Component

In this first component, you will get a book reporting everything about body weight and exercises. It will support you in boosting your body performance and shape so that you can live a healthy life.
It mainly focuses on exercises, but the exercises given in it are going to be easy-to-follow for every individual.

Second Component

The second component carries Core Kettlebell Workshop videos. You will get access to 17 video series, which will present you tips and tricks that you need to implement to get a better body shape. It unveils a safe and effective method of performing kettlebell training.
You will not face any complication while executing the drills given in the product. In video series, you will learn to perform two hand swing and hand-to-hand kettlebell swing quite effectively.
The CORE Kettlebell Challenge

What Comes with the CORE Kettlebell Challenge?

Foundation Week

Before starting the program, you will find a foundation week that will make you ready for the whole process. It is a workshop covering bodyweight and kettlebell.

Self-Assessment Protocol​

You will get to know about your body’s progress through the self-assessment protocol given in the product. The product includes a few movements for the self-assessment process.

Digital Book

You will get instant access to the digital book featured in this product. This digital book also incorporates many motivational stories that will inspire you to lose body fat and get a well-shaped body.

Detailed Kettlebell Exercise Descriptions ​

This product is beginner-friendly that will teach the basics of bodyweight exercises. You will additionally learn the kettlebell, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and other body movements via it.

CORE Kettlebell Workouts

You will receive a 40-day workout covering various exercises that will aid the weight loss process. It will make you gain strength and an attractive body.

The CORE Kettlebell Challenge Bonuses

Forest Vance Athletic Gain Diet Plan

Here you will find out different approaches to get weight loss and a better body shape results. It will help you to heal your body by offering you a healthy body diet.
Nothing is tasteless or ineffective in this bonus. This taste diet will make you earn new-level fitness goals. You will also find a special report with it, showing you the way to get the most out of this program.

Core Kettlebell Advanced

Core Kettlebell Advanced is an additional workout plan that you will obtain on buying the product. Here you will get six weeks of kettlebell drills.
However, you will have to implement it after ending the initial training provided in the main product. The actual worth of Core Kettlebell Advanced is $35, but you will get it with this product free.

Benefits of Using the CORE Kettlebell Challenge

In-shaped Body

After using the Kettlebell Challenge, you will get an in-shaped body that will make you look more attractive.

Refund Option

If you use the Kettlebell Challenge for 30 days and still do not like it, you can ask for a refund. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Every workout and diet in the Kettlebell Challenge is healthy, which makes it 100% safe with a zero health risk. So implement it without worrying about your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CORE Kettlebell Challenge Suitable For Women?

Yes, the Kettlebell Challenge is suitable for both men and women. It does not cover any exercise, which a woman cannot perform.

What is the Cost of the CORE Kettlebell Challenge?

The cost of this Kettlebell program is $25. Also, it does not demand any additional cost. It’s a one-time investment.

Will the CORE Kettlebell Challenge Work For People Over 40?

This Kettlebell program has nothing to do with your age. Whether you are old or young, this kettlebell will work for you, if followed correctly.


The CORE Kettlebell Challenge is for all those people who want to get in shape in a quick time. It holds exercises that you require to implement only for 20 minutes each day to get surprising results.
The prime intention of this product is to give you an athletic-looking build by burning excessive body fat. The CORE Kettlebell Challenge covers a diverse range of workouts that are easy to perform for everyone.
Without concerning age and gender, this product work for all those people who perform it correctly.