Rise – Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Rise - Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum
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Product Name:Rise – Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum
Author/Creator:Liz Maxwell
Price:$49.95 to $122.85
Money Back Guarantee:30 Days
Official Website:https://stories.women-today.net
Does your skin have wrinkles? Is your skin always dry? Do you find it hard to keep your skin soft all the time? Do you want to look younger and fresh everyday of your life?
Do not be worried anymore. You are reading one of the best reviews that will help you solve your problem in only 30 days. I bring to you the Rise-Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum. This is the best product for your skin care.
Get all you skin problems solved within 30 days. Have a healthy looking skin and get rid of the wrinkles on your skin especially your face. All this can be achieved by the use of this legit product in the market.

About Rise-Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum

Liz Maxwell is the lady behind the product. The product is made to improve your skin look. It also increases the softness of your skin. Also for free radical damage, production of collagen and exposure to sunlight healing.
The product will change the texture of skin within 30 days of applying it. Look smooth and admirable all your years. Do not take any chance but in full control of your skin.
Rise-Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum is a legit product and not a scam. It relishes an excellent record in the market. The product makes you feel young and beautiful.
Maxwell discusses the lies and myths that the companies that deal cosmetics tell and how she made it on her mission to get something that worked for her skin. The product is 800% more effective than any other product in the market.
The product prevents your skin from dehydration and works in all areas. You have nothing to risk when you buy the product.

About the author, Liz Maxwell

As earlier mentioned, Liz Maxwell is the lady behind the Rise-Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum. She is not an anti-aging expert neither is she a scientist. She is just a normal woman.
Liz got sick from skin disease and spent much of her money on anti-aging products. The products did not work for her. She then decided to do her own research to see what causes aging. What she found was incredible.
She shares her findings in her useful product. Therefore the product is not a scam but purely legit. After her research, she found some ingredients that were not found in any product in the market.
Lack of products in the market became the driving force for her to have the Rise-Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum. Read this review and learn more about the product. You are reading one of the best reviews.
She paired with one of her friends and formed the Rise-Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum. RISE became their signature product.

What makes up the Rise-Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum?

The ingredients of the product make it purely natural for your body. The ingredients are natural plant products. It has no harmful effects to your health and body. It is all natural environment based.
The main ingredients used are the super fruits acai berry, nutrient dense algae extract, rejuvenating vitamin C and Canadian Willow herbs.
Acai berries are widely known to be very powerful antioxidants. They are the first ingredients in the product. The acai berries have an Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity level that is higher than any other fruit or vegetable.
From research, the berries have the ability to protect the skin against free radical cellular damage. It is also very useful for the skin care.
Canadian Willow herbs is effective in soothing the skin and healing of the skin. Study shows that it is more effective than Vitamin C in scavenging radicals. It also repairs the skin damaged by the Ultra Violet rays of the sun.
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How do you apply?

Using the product is one of the easiest ways ever. It requires no special skill for you to apply. Apply between 2 to 4 pumps of the product to the face and neck at least two times in a day or as directed.
Smooth the pump gently into your skin by the use of circular motions. Allow the serum to absorb completely before following with the moisturizer.

What do you get from this product?

The results of every product are the most important. The most satisfying thing is seeing your dream come true in the area of your interest. The results of this product will be evident within 30 days of using it.
These include the following;
  • Your skin will rebuild its collagen to support the matrix of your body. Remember collagen is a building block for the skin.
  • You reduce your facial tension in your facial muscles. Facial tension is a factor in wrinkle formation on your face.
  • Your skin’s natural elastic will be maintained, this will prevent the sagging of your skin and drooping.
  • Your skin becomes fresh and a gets a youthful appearance.
  • It provides more versatility to help you remain helpful to other individuals.

How much does the product cost?

Since the ingredients of the product are rare and difficult to find, you would expect the product to be costly. In contrast, the product is one of the cheapest skin care products in the market. Is this not motivating?
If you buy in bulk, there is always a discount. One bottle of the product contains 30ml of the solution and go is priced at $120.00 only. You cannot compare the price with cost of plastic surgery.
You can get the product from the original website of the developer. The web is always easy to access and no trouble. The product is available from online shops and payments made through safe means like visa and PayPal. You can also pay through maestro.

Where you can buy Rise – Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum?

Rise – Acai Vitamin C Lifting Serum is available on the official website, https://stories.women-today.net.

Final Verdict

The product is worth your expense. As you know it is difficult to get a great skincare product that will effectively work. Rise is unique in its ingredients that make its outstanding in the market.
I would therefore highly recommend for you the product for your healthy softy skin. You will not regret when you buy the product since the product is not a scam and it’s scientifically proven to work.