Muscle Imbalances Revealed Review

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Product Name:Muscle Imbalances Revealed
Author/Creator:John Izzo, Nick Rosencutter, Rick Kaselj, and Anthony Mychal
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:
Are your abs bigger than your pecs?
Do girls make fun of you because of your big chest and chicken legs?
Hey, listen, you’re not alone! But why is this good?
Well, because there is a solution at hand.
Most likely, whenever you have a problem, someone smarter has already found a solution. That’s why I’m writing this Muscle Imbalances Revealed Review. It fixed my weird distribution and it can do it for you too!
Why is this important?
First of all, as you progress in lifting, your imbalances can be dangerous. Anything from looking weird to putting your life in danger.
Well, the heavier you lift,  the most strength and balance you need. However, if you don’t have balance, your strength will remain in one place.
Basically, you might think you’re strong enough. Then, as you lift heavier, more muscle is required. If you only have certain muscles developed, you won’t be able to advance.
Also, say you go to the beach, and show your weirdly distributed body…
Yeah, you need to rethink your situation.

Work On What’s Important

musculine man lifting weights
Listen, most of all fall for working on what we want.
  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Abs
  • Quads
Those are the most worked out muscles. However, it’s also very common to see guys with weird bodies.
I have heard how girls make fun of guys with skinny legs. Even worse, how they point out your “jerk-off arm.” Which is, when you have bicep bigger than another one.
But here’s how I changed that…
With the Muscle Imbalances Revealed,  I fixed these imbalances very easily.
First, I learned to clearly notice where the imbalances were. Besides learning where to look, you also learn where to feel them. Sometimes, you can think you see an imbalance, and maybe you’re right. However, the important ones, are the ones that you can feel.
How can you feel muscle imbalances?
Because you can only lift in very specific positions, which means that other muscle groups are underdeveloped.

What Really Is The Muscle Imbalances Revealed?

musculine man with muscle imbalance
John Izzo, Nick Rosencutter, Rick Kaselj, and Anthony Mychal, fitness experts, created Muscle Imbalances Revealed.
In the beginning, this program was created to help people recover from injuries.
When someone had an injury, the lack of mobility of those muscles reduces their mass. Then, when people are done healing, part of the recovery process is exercising to gain muscle mass back.
It’s meant to work naturally and fast!
Since it started as a recovery program, it’s meant to work with your body. But, how does it work for uninjured people?
Well, let me tell you very fast about my story.
I came upon this program after my trainer moved abroad and recommended me this. I didn’t think I need it, but after seeing the 12 videos, I learned I was wrong.
In a nutshell, since you’re healthy and able, you can get results faster. In just a month, I started to see more gains in muscle mass. After three months, I could see how my body mass was being distributed more evenly.
Why is this possible?
  • You already have the strength
  • Recovery is faster since you’re healthy
  • It doesn’t “take” from your current gains
  • Your strength increases significantly
In essence,  I saw fast results because I used it while being healthy. This benefit was a byproduct that these guys noticed and decided to share with others.

The Main Points in the Program

young musculine man
The guys did a great job putting this together for laypeople like me.
At first, I thought it would be a series of medical and anatomic nonsense. However, it was all but that, without being condescending.
  • Assessing your body
    • Learn where and what to look for.
    • Notice the points that could bring you more benefits.
    • Use the right tools and techniques.
  • Uncover the root causes
    • Make adequate correlations and know what exactly is the problem.
    • You’ll be able to focus on what really matters.
    • Their tools help you to diagnose accurately.
  • Start improving your body
    • Follow a step-by-step program to approach the issue.
    • The order is logical and prepares you for further improvement.
    • Use only the right exercises. You don’t have to guess.
Also, as you know, the technique is vital when exercising. Remember that the program was originally meant for recovery?
Well, the techniques are impeccable and designed for max results, with minimum disruption.

Assessment And Exercise For Athleticism

young musculine looking people
Anthony Mychal explains everything about getting your mobility back.
In the videos, Anthony focuses on the identification and elimination of muscular imbalances responsible for inhibition of overall athleticism.
So, you can use this to address any specific concerns you might have for kinesthetics or aerobic exercises.
  • Learn the mechanism behind aerobic exercises
  • Identify the main points behind endurance
  • Create a strategy to get your athletic capacity back or increase it
  • Get the right foods to get the results you need
  • Protect your body from future harm
Everyone is different and we have to focus on what matters for us. This program is meant to help you do that without a problem.
You can improve on what you want, without compromising the rest of your muscle groups.
Regardless of how aerobic or anaerobic your routine is, you need to work on this.

Assessment And Exercise For Injury Rehabilitation

muculine man lifting weights
Do you have constant pain, big or small, that just won’t go away?
Do you lift as much as your friends, but you seem to struggle more?
You might be injured or about to be!
In this part of the course, Rick gives you the tools you need to take care of your body for maximum performance.
  1. Identify injuries
    1. What and where to look for
    2. How to test your body for injuries
    3. Measure the damage it’s done
    4. Pinpoint their origin
  2. Know how to proceed
    1. Does it need strength? Flexibility? Restrain?
    2. Choose the right course of action to heal
    3. Get the right plan for recovery
  3. Prevention
    1. Learn how to avoid getting hurt
    2. Stretch, eat, and sleep correctly
    3. Get the right workout timing to avoid injuries while achieving your goals
Personally, the videos about the knees and back injuries were most useful for me. I was able to identify a small curve on my lower back and corrected it in time.
The result?
I can lift more with more core support, reducing the demand for strength.
In a nutshell, this is good for your body but also strategic for gains.

Is This For You?

fix your uneven chest and a musculine man in the background
If you’ve had a severe injury, please see a doctor as soon as possible.
Well, if you’re trying to look better and increase muscle mass, then this will definitely have benefits for you.
  • Correct aesthetic imbalances
    • Biceps bigger than triceps
    • Abs bigger than chest
    • Thin legs and a thick upper body.
  • Improve strength
    • Gain better support and balance
    • Improve posture and grip
    • Lift what you are really supposed to lift
  • Prevent injuries
Imbalanced muscle development can actually be dangerous. This happens to people from all walks of life. However, those imbalances put your body at risk. If you don’t change them ASAP, you might not be able to train in a while.
For me, the biggest benefit was that I started to look healthy. Also, I thought I had gained more strength. In reality, I was able to lift more, with less effort, because I had more support and balance.
Which, then, helped me grow more muscle mass, faster.
So… if this sounds like something you could benefit from, then this is for you.
musculine young men

Where you can buy Muscle Imbalances Revealed?

Muscle Imbalances Revealed is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Muscle Imbalances Revealed is a great tool for your training.
It helped me reach my objectives without compromising my rhythm. More importantly, it helped me to prevent any injuries while maximizing my gains.
The exercises and information are simple. You won’t have to spend an extra hour exercising. Some minutes a day and that’s it.
Also, with the videos and the PDFs that come with them, you can’t go wrong.
Get in your literal best shape. Start now!