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Fix My Shoulder Pain
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Are you going through shoulder pain? Do you desire to get rid of the shoulder discomfort without taking any costly pill? Are you looking for a permanent solution to the shoulder pain? If yes, then you need the Fix My Shoulder Pain product.
Due to excessive weight lifting or some accident, people start feeling pain in their shoulder. Sometimes this pain can stay for a longer period and start effecting the daily routine work.
The rotator cuff tendinitis in our body is the prime reason that gives birth to this issue. However, people start following the traditional shoulder pain cycle to overcome the discomfort.
Fix My Shoulder Pain
This pain-relief cycle will demand a lot of time and may only give temporary relief. If you want to get a permanent solution of the shoulder pain at affordable rates, then you need to own the Fix My Shoulder Pain program.
But what makes this shoulder fixing program different from other similar products? Does it give permanent relief from the shoulder disorder, or it just a temporary way of solving the issue for a short period. In case you want to know answers to such similar questions, then read the Fix My Shoulder Pain review.

What is Fix My Shoulder Pain?

It is an ebook that comes with a simple trick to get relief from shoulder pain. The product releases the pressure from your shoulder so that you can get pain-free life.
It carries a three-part method known as the SR3 method that will remove all the problems related to the shoulder. It reshapes and repairs the painful joints and makes you enjoy a comfortable life.
Thanks to this product, you do not need to go to any expensive appointments or take any harmful pills. You are going to find a series of gentle movements that are 100% safe, natural, and easy-to-apply.
Fix My Shoulder Pain
Within five minutes each day, you are going to accomplish your targets. Also, there is no need to worry about the injury because of the exercises given in the product. The workouts are quite simple so that a kid can easily perform it.
This product targets both the joints as well as the shoulder muscles. It is a drug-free product that deals with the root cause of this pain. This shoulder pain solution features both PDF as well as the video file to make things easy-to-understand for everyone.

About Rick Kaselj – The Creator

Rick Kaselj is behind this shoulder pain solution. Rick is an exercise physiologist as well as an injury specialist who has launched different health-related products.
Almost all the products by Rick are worthy that are delivering amazing results to the people. Rick Kaselj uses natural pain relief solutions to help people get out of the discomfort.
Apart from creating the products, Rick Kaselj has taken part in over 300 plus live presentations that has helped thousands of health and fitness lovers from different parts of the world.

How Does Fix My Shoulder Pain Works?

It gives some practical exercises and tips to give you additional shoulder strengthful. This extra strength will help you in lifting heavyweight items without damaging your shoulder.
It also prevents you from external as well as internal joints and muscle injuries. You are going to get instant access to the video and PDF files that come with the product.
Once you apply the provided movement and procedures, you are going to gain a noticeable change in your shoulder pain within a few minutes. However, you need to ensure that you are following the exercises correctly.
Fix My Shoulder Pain exercise

Factors Used in Fix My Shoulder Pain

This product comes with an SR3 method, which will save you for expensive supplements, surgeries, and complicated exercises.
In this SR3 technique, you are going to locate three simple but highly effective methods that are described below.


Reshaping is the prime factor that this product focuses on. It assists you in reshaping and making your muscles align.
The product ensures to give ideal centration to your shoulder joint. It carries the steps via which you can align your muscles.

Tissue Quality

The second part of this product is the tissue quality. Due to injury and pain, the tissues may also get affected. It improves the quality of tissue by eradicating dysfunction and other issues.
The product ensures to remove the issues of less movement. You are going to overcome the stiffness from your shoulder joint once you apply the provided process.

Activation & Endurance

This portion will help you activate the right muscle. It minimizes the stress and adds stability to your joints. The product makes your muscles stronger and prevents you from getting a shoulder injury.

What Comes with Fix My Shoulder Pain?

Quick Video Guide

You will find a speedy introduction about the product in the quick video start guide. You will understand what to do and what not to do to remove the shoulder pain. It is going to be a time-saver for a lot of people.

Shoulder Assessment

This shoulder assessment is also featured in a video format that will reveal your shoulder condition. You will learn about the self-assessment of your shoulder. This shoulder assessment carries a few exercises that you require performing.


You will access a PDG guide containing over sixty exercises and tactics. Using the exercises and techniques, you are going to feel better immediately. Within a few minutes, it will give you results without any medication or surgery.

Injury Prevention

Apart from giving relief from shoulder pain, it is also an injury prevention solution. The product stops various injuries, including Frozen Shoulder, Acromioclavicular injury, Shoulder dislocation, etc. from entering your body.

Root Cause

The product supports dealing with the root cause of the pain, which gives permanent relief. You might face the pain due to shoulder muscles or joints muscles, due to which this product targets both joints as well as muscles.

Fix My Shoulder Pain Bonuses

This Shoulder Pain solution comes with two bonuses, including Bench Press Explosion and Pain-Free Bench Pressing.

Bench Press Explosion

You will learn about a popular Bench Press exercise in the bonus ebook. Some of the gym people ignore this exercise due to shoulder pain.
Well, now you do not have to stop performing this effective exercise because the Bench Press Explosion will help you in doing it with comfort. It will assist you in knowing how to prevent injury while doing the bench press.

Pain-Free Bench Pressing

It is a video file where you will understand the right approach of doing the bench press. It will show you a step-by-step system of doing bench pressing without going through any pain. Even if you are facing shoulder pain, you can still do it easily using the techniques given in this bonus.

Benefits of Using Fix My Shoulder Pain

Less Pricing

As compared to other shoulder pain solutions, this product only demands $19, which is much affordable. You might not find any other pain relief product at such a low cost.

Immediate Results

Unlike other related products, the Fix My Shoulder Pain will make you feel better immediately. In just a few minutes, you will start experiencing a pain-free and healthy life.

Unique Approach

This shoulder solution comes with some rare techniques, which are difficult to find anywhere else. These techniques are powerful and give a quick, pain-free outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much I Need Paying For Fix My Shoulder Pain?

Though the original amount of this product is $349 but now you can get it at only $19. $19 is the discount cost that may last for a few days, so you should grasp this opportunity and buy the product before the deal ends.

What Makes Fix My Shoulder Pain Different From Other Products?

Many things make this product different from others, but one prime reason is the SR3 method. You are not going to locate the SP3 technique in any other program.

After How Many Days I Will Overcome the Shoulder Pain?

You will start feeling a lot better within a few minutes. However, you will require a few days to remove the shoulder discomfort from your life completely.
shoulder massage


Fix My Shoulder Pain is a must-to-have product for people facing the discomfort in their shoulder. This product is going to reshape and repair your shoulder so that you can get a pain-free experience.
It includes a unique SR3 Method that you may not find in any other Shoulder Pain relief product. The best part is that the exercises in Fix My Shoulder Pain only require around five minutes.
Additionally, if you go to the gym, then don’t worry, you can keep on doing the regular exercises because this product doesn’t demand you to stop it. You only have to include the simple workout given in the program in your daily routine work.