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When most of you are asked on ways through which you can lose weight, I am sure one answer that would vibrate across all lips is through workouts and exercises. However, what exactly is losing weight all about?
We gain weight due to an increase in the fat and calories stored in the body.
And when we lose weight it is all about burning all those calories and shredding all that fat stored in your body. With this in mind, I would like to then mention that there are so many ways through which you can force your body to lose the extra calories.
And some of these ways do not involve any workouts at all.
Not everybody is able to perform workouts. It may be that you are too heavy or there may be other complications involved. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t lose weight. In this review, we are going to look at the Eat Stop Eat guide that helps people lose weight through a unique method.
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What is the Eat Stop Eat Guide?

This is a guide that was designed to help overweight people lose weight through intermittent fasting.
The intermittent fasting technique involves skipping meals at certain intervals in order to force your body to make use of the fat it has stored up thus helping break it down.
This way you begin to lose weight. One advantage of this method is that it does not restrict on what you eat like other weight losing techniques. It instead focuses more on when you eat.
Another thing about this program is that it also focuses on helping you avoid chronic diseases. When using this the Eat Stop Eat course, you will be required to fast for up to twice a week. Each fasting period will last for 24 hours.

The Designer of This Program

The program Eat Stop Eat is a work of Brad Pilon. He is an expert in the field of nutrition aside from other specialties he is well experienced in. Per Pilon, he did research and found out that fasting at intervals helps to chop off calories faster and build your muscles even more than those programs that involve the removal of some types of foods from the diet.
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The Basics of the Program

The program is rather quite simple. As I mentioned, you will have to fast two days a week. These days should not be consecutive. According to Pilon, the fasting helps cut your calories by up to 10%. Each fasting will last for twenty-four ours.
There are no specific days set for this and you will be the one to choose them yourself.
If for example, you decide to fast on Tuesday, then the next time you fast should be on a day like Saturday. And timing is key here. You should always check when you start your fast so that you know when to end it.
For instance, if you start you fast on Tuesday at 8.00am, then it should last up to Wednesday at 8.00am.
However, fasting for a whole 24 hours can be really tough. It is not a must that it lasts for the whole 24 hours. Fasting for 20 hours should be enough, but you shouldn’t do it for less than that.
When you are not fasting, you can eat anything you want but this should be done at a controlled rate. If you over consume on calories, you will just restore what you lost and therefore make no progress.
Try consuming around 2000 calories maximum.

How to Carry out Yourself during Fasting Days and When You Are Not Fasting

When you are fasting, it is vital that you take in as little calories as possible. You can take simple drinks such as tea, coffee or water. When you are not fasting, feel free to eat whatever it is you like. There are no foods that are restricted.
Eat a lot of carbohydrates to help you regain your energy but do not overdo it. The author also recommends that you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.
And of course, not forgetting on proteins, consume an average of 100 grams during the days when you are not fasting.
It is also crucial that you monitor yourself during this program. Should you notice you add weight during no-fasting days, cut on the calorie consumption by at least 10%.
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Are There Any Exercises Involved?

If you want to lose weight only, that’s fine, you don’t have to do any exercises when using this program. However, if you also want to build your muscles, you will need to engage in a few simple workouts. These shall be done during non-fasting days. These exercises are specifically for muscle building and not any other purpose.

Where you can buy Eat Stop Eat?

Eat Stop Eat is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

The Eat Stop Eat program is not a scam. Studies and user reviews have also shown that it really works well for those who are committed to it. It is however a very difficult program to follow since you will need to have a lot of self-control.