Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint
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Product Name:Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint
Author/Creator:Tony Gentilore and Dean Somerset
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:
Many times we wish to improve our strength and generally overall physique of our bodies. This causes us to work out and even take supplements that will help us achieve that body we wish to have in a fast manner.
Unfortunately, not many of us are able to get that ‘perfect’ body we know of.
This because the programs that we use are either a scam or they do not suit your needs as an individual. I once wanted to improve my strength.
This caused me to hit the gym hard and tirelessly. Unfortunately, my efforts were futile and I did not get the results I desired. Lifting heavy weights caused me to get a dislocation of my shoulder.
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Luckily a friend introduced me to a program that would help me improve my strength and heal my shoulder dislocation easily. I can confidently say that this program is my savior in my quest.
Not only did it help me improve my strength but also end my shoulder problem. I present the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint to all you frustrated people out there.
In this review, I am going to explain into finer details about this program and why you should use it. Unlike other programs of this type found in the market, this one is legit and works effectively.
Are you interested to find out more about this program? Then you should read this review keenly.

About the Program

The program is an e-book that will help you boost the strength and endurance of both your lower an upper body. Unlike most programs of this nature, this exceptional program helps you attain the best results on the whole of your body.
The e-book is normally found on the brand’s official website where you download it into your computer.
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It is an invaluable tool that you cannot miss to have if you are a trainer. The techniques are tactics found in this program will also help you heal your dislocated shoulder and hip quickly. I
have personally used this program and I can ascertain that you cannot find these techniques in reviews of other products.

Who Are the Creators?

This program was developed by Tony Gentilore and Dean Somerset. Dean is an exercise physiologist who has a specialty in injury post-rehabilitation. These guys are experts who have worked with many athletes to help them heal their injuries.
Aimed with their prowess and many years of experience, they created this splendid program.

What the Package Contains

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After you pay the purchase fee of this program, you are liable to get the program’s package and other components within it. The components within the package include:
  1. The manual e-book. – This contains the guidelines that you have to follow so as attain the results you desire.
  2. Illustrational videos. – These videos act as complimentary information that promotes clarity to what is taught. These videos are usually 11 in number.

An Insight into the Program

As I previously stated this is a program that will help you improve on the overall strength of your body.
The program basically majors on you performing special workouts and tactics to your shoulders and hips so as to get the results you desire. Each of the 11 videos found in the package has different instructions for you at both the shoulder and hip stage.
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  • Shoulders
This is the first stage of the program’s guidelines. At this stage, you will learn more about the breathing mechanism, training, coaching and improvements that you should make.
Understanding these elements is crucial to anyone whether you want to be coach or simply you want to use it all by yourself. The illustrational videos at this stage entails:
  • Video 1. – You learn about how to examine shoulders and tell the difference between the shoulders that are good and the normal ones.
  • Video 2. – This contains assessments and popular issues at hand that you have to consider.
  • Video 3. – This contains illustrations on how to wear down poor movements and the risks that may affect your shoulders.
  • Video 4. – It contains the errors that are there in health exercise medications.
  • Video 5. – It contains practical coaching information such as chin up progression and breathing drills that help in shoulder motion.
  • Hips
This is the last part of the program’s guidelines. In this part you will learn about individual differences in anatomy and how to train so as to improve your strength. The videos are:
  • Video 6: It entails information about hip anatomy among people.
  • Video 7: Planning hip goals and mobility for training.
  • Video 8: It contains what might be causing the problem to your motion and how to deal with it.
  • Video 9: It contains more information about strength and mobility function.
  • Video 10: Practical training such as the Hip Squat.
The last video normally contains frequently asked questions and their answers.

Who Can Use This Program

Can I use this program? Is it suitable for me? These questions might linger in your mind. You will be happy to know that no one is barred from using this program.
Whether you are a man or a woman, you are not discriminated from using the program. Your age also does not stop you from utilizing it.
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Where you can buy Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Personally, I have read reviews of people who have used this program. They all say that the program is not a scam; it really works. Do you wish to increase your upper body strength, resilience and also endurance? What are you waiting for? Buy this program and the results you get will astonish you.
You do not have to worry about this program not working for you since you can claim a refund of your money. Simply there is no risk that you get from purchasing this program. If you wish to end common troubles with your shoulders and hips? Then this is a program that you should not forgo when you choose for a solution in the market.