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Booty Type Training
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Product Name:Booty Type Training
Author/Creator:Jessica Gouthro
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
Official Website:
Do you want to do exercise that will make your booty bigger?
Are you looking for the ultimate glutes exercise?
Well, if your goal is to be a Kardashian, you’re looking at the wrong info. However, if you want enough booty to fill those jeans or that dress, or if your goal is to look great for summer: You can start today!
I’m a personal trainer, and I was in dire need of a system that worked with glutes and helped you create that great ass. So, after long research and thousands of reviews, I finally found Booty Type Traning.
In summary, my client had little time, and she wanted “a bigger booty.” Also, we would have to be able to work out in her home. Now, if you have access to weights and bars, you can get that big booty in no time. However, this wasn’t the case.

What is Booty Type Training?

lady placing her butt on concrete wall during exercises
Booty Type Training is a practical, step-by-step guide that helps women get a beautiful booty shape. Keep in mind; it’s specifically designed for women.
In a nutshell, the program has two objectives:
  • Teach you home-based exercises to shape your butt as you wish.
  • Help you discover the right routine for you so you can work out on your own.
So, one of the most valuable things for me was that the program sets you up to make it on your own. In just some weeks, you’ll know everything there is to know to get the backside you always wanted.
The main aim of the program is to help you improve on your own. Here’s more on how they do that.

About the Author, Jessica Gouthro

Jessica is the lady behind this great and effective program.
In short, she’s an expert trainer. All my colleagues know who she is, especially because of her work on butt exercises. Yes, she specializes in booty workouts. Why is this important?
Well, an average gym trainer will try to get you to work out evenly. Now, I’m not saying this is bad, but maybe you want to see booty results A.S.A.P. That’s when Jessica Gouthro comes in!
This method will help you get your dreamed ass without compromising time or looks.
Personally, it seems this is a perfect approach. Ok, not everyone wants an even body, and that’s valid. Also, when you get that ass, no one is going to pay attention anyway.
I think Jessica did a great job with this system.

What do you get with this program?

Basically, the program is a multimedia approach to exercising at home. However, it’s done carefully and strategically you learn. Why? Because the main objective is that you can train on your own without the need for the program.
With that in mind, the program covers all the necessary topics and delivers excellent value in its teaching.
  • Video training

    • You will get a video collection of all the exercises.
    • They include the optimal technique to get the best results, explanations, and how to know you’re doing it right.
    • Pay extra attention to the technique part!
  • Customized workout plan

    • First, you’ll learn the four fundamentals of booty exercising.
    • Then, Jessica guides you through choosing what types of exercises to focus so you can get started.
    • Finally, you’ll get the best routines for your type of booty.
  • Track and stick to the program

    • Your workout plan will be printable and easy to track.
    • Unlike other programs, Booty Type Training is made to help you stick with it.
  • Optimize results

    • Booty Type Training will help you improve your metabolism.
    • Get your results through exercising smartly, not intensely.
    • Learn the best times to train, rest, or even suspend if you have to.
    • Get long-lasting results, so you never lose your new figure.
The program really covers every topic. I hate to admit this, but I felt terrible teaching this to my client. This program is so well-done, she could have learned on her own.

Is This Program Worth Your Money?

Well, I understand that extra dollars can be used on other things. However, if you’re here, it must be because you really want that booty.
But, sometimes, even though we’ve come across a great product, we might think it’s a scam, or also believe it’ll perfect. Now, I know there’s nothing I can say to convince you this isn’t a scam, you’ll have to do your own research.
However, I’ll tell you if this program will be good for you.
  • You feel embarrassed about doing booty workouts in a gym.
  • It’s uncomfortable to exercises in front of others because you’re out of shape.
  • You just don’t like gyms or group exercises.
  • If you have minor injuries and don’t want to exercise roughly.
Well, if those match your needs, then this program will definitely help you.
At the end of the day, you must use whatever is going to work for you. I knew this was the one because I wanted something that would teach me.
Some programs just tell you what to do. Clearly, they intend to keep you coming back. However, this program teaches you how to do things and put them together for your benefit.

Where you can buy Booty Type Training?

Booty Type Training is available on the official website,


Booty Type Training is a practical approach to getting the booty you always wanted. However, it’s stress-free, and you don’t have to go through hell.
Also, it’s divided into different sections that will help you customize things to your needs. So, in no time, you’ll be working for the exact type of butt you want.
Learn, make it work, and score more points of happiness!