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Product Name:Back To Life
Author/Creator:Emily Lark
Money Back Guarantee:365 Days
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Looking for exercises you can do at home to relieve back pain?
You can’t afford a chiropractor or a doctor?
Well, Back To Life deserves this review for helping me to improve. I went from not being able to stand up without assistance, to taking care of myself with little to no pain.
Yes, chronic back pain is among the worst forms of pain people can suffer. Why? Because chronic pain has many side effects
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
Really, pain is much more than just pain. It’s important to work to decrease it, beyond medication and surgery.
Here’s a great way to do it…

What is Back to Life by Emily Lark all about?

back pain
This program is designed to help you greatly reduce (even eliminate) chronic back pain and sciatica.
Back to Life guarantees you quick relief from back pain. It just takes a couple of stretches and lower-back movements throughout the day!
First, the author explains the root causes of pain…
You might think you know why, but you might be wrong.
In a nutshell, the program analyzes the connection between muscles, nerves, bones, and inflammation. It’s all about interconnection!
Once you understand how everything in your body is connected, then you’ll learn how to start working on it.
That’s where the best part starts…
After that, you’ll learn the basic movements and exercises you can do to help your body. However, as usual, it’s important to be constant. Also, you’ll need to practice following the right technique.
But don’t worry; you’ll find everything with this program.

About the author, Emily Lark

man in the rain lifting his hands
Emily is a wellness and fitness coach. She created the Complete Healthy Back System after more than 10 years of experience.
Also, she works with Yoga and Pilates. So, with a more complete education, she started to understand more about pain.
She got to work…
At first, she tried relaxed, easy moves with her clients. The main goal was to get them to try and address their pain. Right away, the students noted improvements in being able to even bend a little.
Success was in sight, so she started to research.
Finally, after years and years of trial and error, she created this program. To me, this is a smart program because it combines highly impactful exercises in one guide. With her wide range of skills, she created a 360 approach to these issues.
Very few people have done what Emily did. After all the things she learned, she put it all in this book and her system.

Is Back to Life System guaranteed to kill that chronic back pain?

Well, sadly, not always… but wait! NOTHING IS!
First of all, it depends on what is the cause of your pain.
  • Severe injury
  • Mild injury
  • Posture
  • Muscle pull
  • Illness
  • Inflammation
There are many causes of chronic back pain. So, depending on the cause, then it could help you. For example, if you were injured, your pain can greatly decrease. However, whoever tells you that kind of pain can just disappear, is lying.
For me, it was mostly my posture after decades of an office job. At first, doctors wanted a small surgery, but I refused. So, this program gave me great relief:
  • I was able to stand up smoothly
  • My numbness disappeared
  • Going to bed was easy, and I actually rested
  • I decreased my intake of Tylenol
If your problem is something more complicated, then it might just help you feel way better.
Regardless, you could be better, or you could be worse. What’s your choice?

The nature of your back pain against Back to Life

In essence, the program works by strengthening your core. Nothing novel, right? Well, but how many doctors are doing that?
Here’s the thing: the core is one of the most important muscle groups. For there, you get to improve:
  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Support
  • Flexibility
  • Balance
Mostly, when you are treated for chronic back pain, they’ll focus only on the pain. Which is understandable, of course. You’re going through hell, and you need a quick fix, NOW!
However, for many of us, living in pain is not an option!
So, is it only the core? Nope.
Also, you’ll address the areas that hurt. But if you only focus on the one thing, you’ll be in trouble forever. So, even though this will be slow, you’ll get everlasting results.
The exercises focus on different muscles, joints, nerves, etc. You’ll know which ones to do as you understand the root of your pain.
Personally, this was one of the best features for me. With so many exercises available, I wanted to know I would be doing the right thing.
Well, now I was addressing the right parts and seeing results. Only some minutes a day.

How to make the best out of it.

man in office having some back pain
First, of course, read it all at least once before starting.
I know, you need relief, and you need it now. However, the book is not a bible. You can read it in hours if you have the time. Read it once to get the gist, and then reread it and start practicing as you go.
Taking slow, but steady, steps are the only way. You have to very mindful when you exercise.
Second, understand that this helps in the long-term.
At first, the exercises can be difficult to do. I remember I wasn’t even able to tilt my head back without painfully. So, I had to keep it at it, little by little. Anything over-the-counter that promises instant relief is surely a scam.
After two weeks, I was able to tilt my head back without much pain. Now, after months, I don’t feel anything.
Last but not least, don’t go astray.
If you miss one day, it’s OK. Don’t try to make it up, just resume where you left and don’t punish yourself.
Also, don’t try any other exercises in the meantime. If, after you’re done here, you want to combine them with something else, that’s valid. However, as you start, stick to this program for a while.
man bent holding bed

Where You Can Buy Back To Life System?

Back To Life is available on the official website,

Final Take

Your back pain is not a thing that only happens to you. Millions of people around the world suffer it and have suffered it through the ages. Now, with science, we have many methods to address them.
Back To Life is an all-natural, low-demand method that works with your body.
In a matter of days, your pain will significantly decrease. In weeks, you’ll think you won’t need to practice again (but you do, so don’t stop!).
To me, this was a life-saver. Being able to spend time with my grandchildren, playing with our dog, and shoveling snow without dying, are great improvements.
I wouldn’t change this for anything, and I would do it again…
I do it every night.