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Anabolic Running
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Product Name:Anabolic Running
Author/Creator:Joe LoGablo
Money Back Guarantee:60 Days
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This program was created by Joe LoGablo. An expert trying to improve your sex and fitness life with this system that he has developed.
Have you always wished that you were fitter? Wanted more stamina and that the bed was your favorite playing field instead of a place of anxiety? As a man, you may have had one of these fears and this little eBook is here to save you.
This, right here, is a review of the book to see whether or not you can trust it or if you should just get another program.
However, before we dismiss this one, I have seen other reviews done by people who have already bought the book and they all seem to agree that Joe LoGablo is right on-spot with this book.
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If it is that useful, I daresay that you have found what you have been looking for. The best companion guide who can take you through the rough moments. All of it without hurting you and transforming you into a better and much more fit human being.
So, let’s see what we have in this review so that you can know whether or not to buy this PDF eBook by Joe.

What is Anabolic Running About?

Well, I can describe it as an eBook that is available digitally. Of course, online, and you’ll have it as a PDF book. This way, you can read it in almost any electronic device.
This digital workout guide is the key to your fitness and sex life problems. It’s almost like a blueprint to put those two back together. The sexual performance part is what fascinated me most.
Joe is offering you a solution that will not only make you have better cardiovascular performance. But, in consequence, make you last more when it comes to romantic performance.
You will not have to do two different exercises for that, all you will have to do is make sure that you follow this one to the end. By the time you are finished, you will have it all at once.
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The program is all about making sure that your testosterone levels are up to the point where you will not have any problems with any of the things that you are supposed to do.
At the end of it, you are expected to have burnt fat, gained muscle and also enhanced your sex life with all the testosterone that you will have gained during the program.

How does Anabolic Running Work?

The program is going to take you through sprint exercises that are meant to last about 16 minutes, every week. It is little work that I am sure anyone can handle.
According to what Joe, in his Anabolic Running book, you will have the chance to make your testosterone levels rise, have better vascular energy and strength, and raise your growth hormones.
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After the first workouts, you will see some changes, and that will keep you getting bigger and bigger.
This cardiovascular technique was made specifically for males so, if you are female, this may not exactly be your program but I am sure there is plenty of others that will work for the females. As he puts it, this eBook gives you the secret to building muscle, burning fat and long-lasting sex.

Who is The Author of Anabolic Running?

Well, he is a personal trainer and nutrition coach from Illinois. He is qualified in his work and he can make you improve just like he did with himself. He was once in bodybuilding competitions of the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilding. A worthy champion in his category.
This makes him a success story that, with the right commitment, can make you just like him or even better if you want to go overboard.
When you are buying books that are meant for self-help, it is always important to know more about the author. As you are reading it, you can be able to understand if this person really knows what they are talking about. Then, you will know if they can actually help you live a better life.
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What we can tell you in this review about Joes is that he has a reputation and he also knows that he has to maintain it. We always carry this caution against being scammed. I don’t think that would work well for him.
The program came about when he was following a certain diet and noticed that it was helping with his workout. After some tweaking, he customized it to be an all-encompassing approach.

What You Will Learn From the Program

  • How to increase the levels of testosterone in your body, boosting your libido, stamina and also burning fat like crazy.
  • The program will help you produce nitric oxide which is good for pumping the arms and also cardio exercises that help your heart.
  • You will be able to make your body burn fat around the clock without having to go to the gym every day.
  • Also, you will be taught a time interval kind of training that will not only save time but also make you better at burning fat.
  • You will have an increase in your metabolic rate to make sure that your body is burning fat and increasing muscle mass effectively.

What is inside Anabolic Running

When you buy this program, you will get instant access to a detailed guide that walks you through the whole program.
The other thing is that you will have some bonus books that will help you stay on track. However, if that fails, they’ll also help you get back on track without many losses.
The bonus PDF eBooks are; Shock and Awe Strength, Testosterone Hacker Handbook and 17 Foods to Boost Libido.

Where you can buy Anabolic Running?

Anabolic Running is available on the official website,

Normal Running VS Anabolic Running

When we look at the history of cardio, we see three types of people: the ones who thrive at it, the ones who endure, and those of us who hate it.
Sadly, cardio is an unavoidable part of getting healthy. Science has proved, ad-nauseum, that moderate cardio brings tons of benefits to our health.
It just feels so bad! Especially if you have to do it for extended periods of time.
Now, even though cardio brings all those benefits, extended cardio can turn into an ugly friend.
Let’s take running as an example. As you get into it, your metabolism, testosterone, and feel-good hormones spike. If you do it every day, during the first months, you will reap extreme benefits from that prolonged exercise.
However, as your body gets used to it, your energy expenditure is less, your rewards diminish, and it’s almost like walking. You can even start gaining weight regardless of how much you run.
With anabolic running, we keep those spikes coming and going. The objective is that your body doesn’t get used to them and you can reap benefits every time.
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Adaptation Is Not Always Good

Our bodies are cut out to adapt to their external circumstances. Remember, survival in nature is based on adaptation skills, not on strength.
So, if you push your body to sustain high demands of energy, constantly, it will develop ways to give you that and not deplete itself.
Part of that adaptation is that the optimization of energy extraction from fat and carbs. Also, it could make you crave salt or other substances so that it starts retaining liquid.
Now, if we didn’t live in cities and houses, that would be ideal, but we live in a different reality.
Adaptation, in this case, could actually work against us (unless you want to be a professional runner).

An Analogy

Think of it like with people who drink coffee. They start with one cup every day, then two, and those with no self-control can go beyond the five-cup mark every day, to feel the rush. That happens because the body develops resistance to caffeine, and it’s able to process more and more.
Instead of letting their bodies take a break every now and then, so its resistance levels will drop, they just keep pushing the limits. At some point, caffeine just has negatives effects on them they can develop gastritis, insomnia, etc.
Well, guess what? The same happens with cardio!
If you keep constantly high levels of serotonin, or fast metabolism or heart rate, your body will adapt and create resistance. The problem is that that can lead to heart attacks. We all know of athletes who ate well and everything, who still got a heart attack.
So, you want to get the increase that heart rate, the serotonin, and all the good stuff. At the same time, you don’t want your body to need more and more to keep up is basic functions.
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Anabolic Running

Well, anabolic running comes as a solution to those problems. There are different high-intensity, short-duration, exercises out there. However, running is quite natural to the body, doesn’t need much equipment (or any if you have space indoors) and you can start immediately.
In essence, you will run high-intensity sprints in specific intervals, to trigger particular reactions in your body.
What this does to your body is that it triggers the same hormonal metabolic signals as normal, extended, cardio, without spending a lot of time in it. However, remember it’s high intensity.
The difference is that those reactions last shorter. They are long enough to help you increase your metabolic rate, reduce blood sugar, etc. But they don’t last long enough to create resistance in your body.
So, you get the benefits without the resistance, investing no more than 15-20 minutes a day.

The Final Verdict

We can all agree that this book is very useful and that the reviews were right. In this review, you have seen all that is offered to you when you acquire it. Therefore, do not hesitate to get yourself a copy of the Anabolic Running manual and enjoy yourself with it. This is the best method that you can find so take advantage of the fact that it is easy to do.