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5 Minute Energy Routine
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5 Minute Energy Routine is a set of moves that are designed to improve your blood circulation and restore your vital organs.
We all suffer from some kind of disease when we get old. Some of us never took proper care of our health.
Others have it in their genes and there are those of us that lacked exercise.
All of these are factors why people suffer from bad health when they get old and why many of us die before our time.
Using this program I have been able to recover from diseases that I have been suffering from for years.
I have tried everything. From physiotherapy to sauna and expensive treatments, and I have not been able to cure my aching back pain.
Through the help of this program, I feel better than I have ever felt and I don’t have any more back pain.
My old man started using these techniques and he noticed improvements in his health within the very first day.
The reason I am deciding to write this 5 Minute Energy Routine In-Depth review is to tell people that there is a way to healing.
And this way is much closer and easier than most people think.
That is why I am thankful for deciding to buy this guide.
It has transformed me and I just hope that it will have the same effect on you.
I will now tell you my story. And all about how I got in all of this and I started using this guide every day.

How Did I Start With 5 Minute Energy Routine?

You see, I have been always trying to find a new way to do my morning exercise.
This is something that my father inherited in me.
He used to exercise every morning and evening.
But I am talking about going to the gym or lifting heavyweights.
No, my old man was never that kind of guy.
Instead, he would do simple things, like go for a lite jog or move his muscles while standing up.
All in all, my father would do some movements that would not tire him at all and kept him young looking up until now that he is well over eighty.
And he is healthier than any other old man in our neighborhood.
I had no idea so far that simple movements can boost up our metabolism.
You see I am a freelance writer, so a lot of my work consists of me sitting down or lying around for long periods.
Not doing a lot of physical activity keeps me in a vegetative state.
And it is not the healthiest way to live your life.
I don’t eat food that is healthy and I have dropped out of every gym subscription I have paid.
And this situation was far worse than you might think.
I was feeling anxious, I started having panic attacks and even doing my work started feeling such a hard thing.
You see, I am in my thirties so there is no chance that I might have a heart condition or some other disease.
First of all, because I have strong genes and second of all because I have done multiple check-ups and I have resulted healthier than a horse.
But I kept feeling like something bad was about to happen to me.
I kept feeling like I was going to die at any second and trust me that this feeling is horrible.
In fact, it is so horrible that I would not wish this feeling to even my worst enemy.
A year went by this way and then I started having other symptoms, such as muscle cramps and sharp pain at my lower right abdomen.
I went for a check again and doctors found out that I had an intestine problem.
That is when I freaked out even more. I didn’t know what to do.
Doctors gave me some medicine, but we all know that western pills are designed to calm down the symptoms and not heal the actual disease.
So being skeptical about the pills I decided not to take them.
But my worry would not go away. I just kept thinking about cancer.
I met my father for one weekend and we had lunch together.
While I started to explain to him my problem and I could see him smirk.
How could he find such a problem funny? At first, he started lecturing me all about the junk food that I was putting in my body.
Then he started telling me about how he would eat only organic food that he would either buy from farmers or collect himself.
I forgot to tell you that my father lives in the country area.
He invited me to stay by my parent’s place for a month or two and then see the difference in my intestines.
I agreed and I started living with my parents for a while.
But as I was staying with them, every afternoon I would see my father do a set of strange movements that I had not seen him do them before.
It looked as if he was doing some kind of ritual.
Chinese woman wearing a stripes shirt. She is crossing her arms and touching her middle finger with her thumb on each hand

So I decided to ask him. And then he told me all about 5 Minute Energy Routine.
He told me how he came across it from a traditional doctor who advised it to him to combat his spine issue.
My father told me all about the five-minute movements that he would do and how he would feel amazing after.
I was skeptical at first. A program that heals you instantly? It felt like a scam. But then I decided to take his advice and try it myself.
And that is when I got hooked at this system.
I could feel not only serenity and that I was healing, but my anxiety was diminishing.
This happened from the very first time that I tried the program.
I stuck to it and the more I did it the better I felt.
Now I am a full believer in 5 Minute Energy Routine and it’s healing powers.
That is why I am writing this review to let others know about this simple but effective program.

About the Creator of 5 Minute Energy Routine, Eric Clayborn

Eric is a travel writer who just like me does not do a lot of physical activity.
Feeling bad about his health, Eric accepted an offer to go to China for work.
5 Minute Energy Routine a Chinese statue sitting in the meditation position with a lake in the background
After landing there and exploring some of the local villages, Eric started noticing elderly people doing a different set of moves.
He stared being curious about its origin because he was struggling with his health.
5 Minute Energy Routine creator
So Eric decided to ask the people about these moves and got the answer that it was an ancient way of healing.
Eric asked if he could participate and the old people were more than glad to accept him.
He sat there in the room and witnessed them doing the moves in front of him while he would take notes.
And after a few days, Eric started practicing the moves himself.
That is when he saw full results and decided to create a 5 Minute Energy Routine.
5 Minute Energy Routine cover

How Does 5 Minute Energy Routine Work?

This program is fairly simple and it provides easy guides that anyone can follow.
You just have to do simple moves that don’t require any type of effort for five minutes every day.
And you will start to feel better from the first time of doing these moves.
The way the program works is by triggering your metabolism and body to start repairing itself.
We have some pressure points in our body that if you just activate them, you will find that your body can go in a full repair mode.
This is done by blood flow manipulation.
Through these simple moves, you are going to be able to direct your blood flow where you want it too.
This way your white blood cells will get in a full effect and start healing you.
This is how I managed to heal the back pain that I was suffering from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the science behind the 5 Minute Energy Routine?

The main component of the 5 Minute Energy Routine is “Blood Flow Manipulation.”
What this means is that you may redirect blood flow through your body with a series of controlled movements and breathing.
This may also increase blood flow to your vital organs; specifically your lymphatic system.
This may improve your blood flow circulation throughout your body, giving you better stamina, energy, and mental focus.

What’s included inside 5 Minute Energy Routine?

Inside you’ll see the 10 Neigong exercises known only to the most remote regions of rural China.
People have passed these down for centuries, and have based them on “internal martial arts”.
But they proved them scientifically to possibly increase blood flow to all of the vital organs in the body, strengthen the immune system, and increase your body’s resistance to infection and disease.
You’ll get detailed, illustrated instructions for how to perform each exercise.
Next, you’ll receive a list of 7 breathing exercises that you can do anywhere.

What’s the money-back guarantee?

Once you hit the yellow button, you’ll gain instant access to the entire program.
From there, you have 60 days to try out the 5 Minute Energy Routine.
And if you’re not happy for any reason, simply send an email to the address you’ll get inside and retrieve your money back.


This program is by far the best that I have seen for self-healing and relaxation.
I have been able to heal my back pain and I have been able to cure my anxiety once and for all.
To all the people that are currently suffering either from old age or just professional diseases, you need to buy this program.
It will completely change your life.