spring summer 2020 trend

We hope you love eye-catching outfits because the spring/ summer 2020 print trends have delivered outrageous garments made of loud but gorgeous fabrics. Many of the spring 2020 runway patterns featured a ton of color, from rainbows to polka dots. Flower motifs were the most popular for the spring 2020 prints, with small and large florals printed and embroidered on hundreds if not thousands of garments.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends
One thing we’ve noticed is that many designers chose to move away from the mixing and matching of patterns that were so ubiquitous last season, so while the prints themselves are quite vivacious, they were styled in a much more restrained way than we’ve seen previously.

#1. Rainbows

Were rainbows one of those statement-making spring/ summer 2020 print trends, or did designers just use them because they’re colorful and pretty? It likely depends on the designer, but on our end, we’ll be happy to wear rainbows all spring and summer long.
At Dior, we fell in love with a flowy dress that featured vertical rainbow stripes connected by a gradient effect. At Paco Rabanne, we spotted a long-sleeved turtleneck covered in horizontal rainbow stripes, which, paired with high-waisted khaki trousers, transported us to a college campus in the ‘70s.
There was a similar look at Rokh – a short-sleeved polo shirt with rainbow stripes, styled with tight, flared trousers.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Rainbow Patterns

#2. Graceful Gradients

We love a good colormelt here at Glowsly, so we were totally won over by the gorgeous gradients that made it into the spring 2020 print trends.
Soft dresses in cream to blush to orange gradients were by far the loveliest and most delicate – we spotted these kinds of designs both at Longchamp and Oscar de la Renta. We were totally won over by the combination of old and new at House of Holland, in the form of gradient sunset colored-dresses that were also printed with spots.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Gradient Patterns

#3. Tie-Dye

In autumn, all of the tie-dye prints were a little odd, but for the spring/ summer 2020 print trends it makes perfect and total sense. Despite the fact that the ‘70s were the overwhelming decade from which designers drew inspiration this season, the way they utilized tie-dye prints felt totally modern.
There were a few different takes on tie-dye at Dior, which also helped cement this print as one of the season’s trends. They included multiple tie-dyed denim outfits consisting of all classes of garments, as well as a few tie-dyed fabric jumpsuits.
Prabal Gurung continued to present tie-dye on his runway, this season in the form of colorful curve-hugging dresses covered in a circular tie-dye print. We also saw some touches of tie-dye at Alberta Ferretti and Tod’s.

Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Tie-Dye Patterns

#4. Painterly

We could see the strokes with the colorful painting-inspired fabrics in the spring 2020 runway patterns, which included both abstracts and, of course, florals.
Massive, painterly florals decorated maxi skirts and dresses at Carolina Herrera in a style that was feminine and powerful. There were a few seasonal print trends presented at the Christopher Kane show this season, but painterly clouds were the most memorable for us.
Lastly, some of the garments at Tory Burch were made of a fabric that looked as though it was colored with splashes of paint in orange-red, blue and green, giving us some modern art vibes.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Painterly Patterns

#5. Embroidered Florals

Embroidered fabrics feel like a class of their own within the spring 2020 pattern trends, since they require a degree of craftsmanship that is much harder to replicate when compared to prints. The predominant embroideries we saw this season were gorgeous florals that seem very fitting for spring.
We adored the delicate, natural-looking embroidered florals on cream-colored dresses at Dior. The embroidery technique was incredibly precise, and the choice of spiky and thorny flowers (especially thistles) felt meaningful.
Brocade is our favorite subcategory of embroidery, with both Comme des Garcons and Dries van Noten presenting some glamorous brocade florals.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Jacquard/ Embroidered Floral Patterns

#6. Tiny Florals

To be fair, there were many kinds of florals as part of the spring 2020 print trends, but something about the truly tiny and delicate ones really caught our attention.
Tory Burch delivered a lot of incredible printed garments, but one of our favorites was a delicate strapless dress covered in a cheerful and colorful print of small flowers with stems. The tiny florals at Givenchy really covered the body, since the floral printed fabrics were primarily used for long, modest dresses.
Lastly, at Stella McCartney, there were spring garden party vibes, with a realistic floral print complete with background greenery.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Tiny Floral Patterns

#7. Coming up Roses

We don’t think any flower out there has as much symbolic importance as the rose. The queen of all flowers represents romance, mystique, and femininity. It also happens to be the national flower of the United States, as Prabal Gurung reminded us with busy rose prints. Roses were definitely the standout from the floral spring 2020 runway patterns.
Models on the Richard Quinn catwalk were totally engulfed with roses, since the dresses and jackets themselves were voluminous, and the print itself was very large. The style of roses at Lela Rose was much more delicate and feminine, with pure white dresses embellished with a single, albeit large rose print around the midsection.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Rose Patterns

#8. Polka Dots

Some of the spring/ summer 2020 print trends felt a little heavy, but polka dots were definitely light and fun, adding a feminine and retro touch. Take for instance a black baby-doll dress at Marc Jacobs that was covered in white polka dots. The dress was complete with a black ribbon tied around the neck, worn by a model whose hair was even styled into adorable double buns.
If you prefer elevated sophistication, you may love the truly unique off-the-shoulder polka dot dresses from Carolina Herrera that somehow managed to be flattering despite having a shapeless design. Alternatively, Tory Burch presented curve-hugging strapless numbers that were elegant yet sexy.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Polka Dots

#9. Symmetrical Patterns

Symmetry comes and goes, and we loved having it be part of the spring/ summer 2020 runway patterns. Symmetrical prints can have all kinds of effects, from the more feminine and classier to slightly psychedelic.
The symmetrical, mirrored print at Stella McCartney was based on black and white stripes, which had a sort of mind-bending effect. Symmetrical prints at Givenchy had a more classic feel, with a combination of florals and geometric shapes. Even Prada, Valentino, and Gucci presented some symmetrically placed designs on a few garments.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Symmetrical Patterns

#10. Bohemian Prints

Bohemian prints always bring to our mind colorful bazaars and opulent scarves. There is something timeless and classy about them that is also carefree, so we enjoyed their return to the summer 2020 print trends.
To be fair, at Temperley London these prints, which decorated a wide range of feminine dresses, actually felt like the perfect, airy vacation print. Etro is a label known for gorgeous silk scarf designs, so we weren’t surprised to see bohemian prints return to that runway.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Bohemian Patterns

#11. Psychedelic Patterns

We’re charitable, so we’re referring to this spring 2020 runway pattern as “psychedelic” rather than ‘60s wallpaper-esque, which is what Harper’s Bazaar went for. These prints did a great job of complementing the early ‘70s feelings that so many collections evoked.
Suits and dresses alike were decorated with a twisty and turny red, blue and purple print at Halpern. At Alberta Ferretti, flowy summer dresses were decorated with a psychedelic print that definitely brought to mind the late ‘60s and early ‘70s hippie fashions.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Psychedelic Patterns

#12. Floral Tropical

This is one of the better summer 2020 pattern trends to get on board with if you’re looking forward to a tropical vacation in the coming hot months. There were a ton of vivacious tropical prints on the runway, featuring all kinds of exotic flora in vibrant colors, and they really put us in the mood to spend some time on the beach.
The tropical print theme was strong at Versace, with a ton of different garments made out of fabrics printed with a monochrome tropical pattern. Most worthy of note, of course, is the closing dress worn by Jennifer Lopez, which was designed to commemorate the green, tropical-print dress that she wore to the Grammy Awards’ red carpet in 2000.
We also saw tropical florals at Fendi, in the form of vacation suits worn with bikini tops, and even decorating the spring 2020 bags. These tropical floral prints even had a bit of a ‘70s vibe thanks to a subdued color pattern.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Floral Tropical Patterns

#13. Tartan and Plaid

Tartan and plaid definitely feel like autumn prints, because of their association with warm and heavy fabrics. However, many designers still believed they had a place in the spring/ summer 2020 print trends, and who are we to disagree?
Thom Browne showed us what it means to make spring-appropriate plaid garments. Pastel suits and dresses made of plaid tweed felt cheerful and girlish, like a strange twist on something we’ve actually come to associate with Chanel.
The take on the plaid pattern at Rokh stood out to us. Models wore a variety of plaid tops in a few different colors, but what they all had in common was a torn or moth-eaten effect. We also saw some more plaid this season at Gucci and Sportmax, as well as at Burberry where it’s so essential to the brand.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Tartan & Plaid Patterns

#14. Feeling Stripey

Stripes going in every which direction will always be part of the fashion month, so they obviously made it into the summer 2020 runway patterns. What made this season’s stripes unique is that they were fairly unstripey in their demeanor, going in multiple directions or alternating in thickness.
The horizontal stripes at Marc Jacobs gave us major ‘70s vibes. They were alternating thick and thin stripes in analog color patterns, over polo shirts and jumpsuits.
The take on sort of wobbly, perhaps tie-dyed stripes at Ulla Johnson felt totally new and very fitting for summer and spring. They didn’t have the rigidity and, dare we say, nerdiness that striped garments often do.
The striped fabrics at Sportmax were also quite unique. They were a little hazy and put together in patterns that made it so that on a single garment the stripe pattern would go in a few different directions.
Others to give us some super fun stripes included Altuzarra and Stella McCartney.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Stripes

#15. Animal Prints

Animal prints as a category were some of the most memorable of the autumn trends, and while they still made it into the spring 2020 print trends, it wasn’t with the same level of intensity.
R13’s urban streetwear collection involved the most animal print of what we saw, with everything from orange tiger-stripe jackets to leopard print shorts. Incidentally, this was also one of the few runways to really commit to mixed-print styling.
David Koma also refused to let animal prints die, so he sent models out on his runway in body-hugging dresses and bodysuits covered in zebra print.
There was a serious jungle theme at Dolce & Gabbana, which combined another seasonal trend, tropical florals, with clothing outfits in a variety of animal prints. We saw some restrained zebra-print skirts at Tod’s, and touches of leopard print and snakeskin at House of Holland.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Animal Patterns

#16. Geometric Patterns

Geometry was expressed in every form in the newest designer collections, from check prints to mind-boggling architectural shapes that gave a certain futuristic feel to the designs. We love the complexity of geometry in the spring/ summer 2020 print trends, especially the shapes that also alternated the season’s colors.
Geometric motifs looked pretty colorful and architectural at Coach, where we especially loved a blue shirt dress cinched in with a belt that was all covered with yellow, pink and green triangles.
Geometry was combined with the rainbow motifs at Lanvin appearing as a bright, colorful checkerboard, while Balmain went further and displayed the beauty of geometry in fashion, combining circles with rigid squared forms.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: Geometric Patterns

#17. Globe-Trotting Motifs

The modern fashionista is a globetrotter, who sates her appetite for life traveling the world and discovering new destinations. World was also the focus of attention of many a designer for spring, who used city, map and earth motifs to make their latest creations more appealing to the globetrotter fashionista.
It was all about world map prints at Sacai, where a couple of outfits were entirely covered in map prints the wearer can proudly sport to express her love for traveling.
Earth and space patterns were used aplenty at Christopher Kane, where world patterns got an eco-conscious turn rather than focused on traveling. We also saw city prints at Lela Rose, absolutely transforming those tea-length demure dresses.
Spring/ Summer 2020 Print Trends: World Patterns