2020 Bags trends

2020 Bags trends that will invade the fashion world

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags got a little lost in the past years. 90’s shoulder bags have slowly begun to rise in popularity again. Now shoulder bags no longer live in the darkest corner of closet. 
Multi-Compartment Bags

It's not enough to carry just one bag; you'll want to carry two or more. Multi-bagging, or bags with multiple compartments, will be everywhere in 2020. It will be more convenient for people to carry bags that have multi compartments.
Mini Bags

As phones get bigger, sneakers get chunkier, and earrings get wider, handbags are getting smaller. In recent fashion trends, micro bags have taken over the position of statement accessories with your outfits and there is no reason to not like them. It encourages one to live like a minimalist by creating an edit of their everyday essentials down to only a select few.
Animal print

This trend is not new but is getting popular in 2020. And, it's easy to see why, as these bags bring a pop of interest to any outfit yet also manage to be versatile enough to wear with basically everything in your closet.